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Message from Tony
I have been dancing since the age of 12. And in all those years I have had more enjoyment out of swing dancing than any other single style of dance. The only other dance, now in my senior years that gives me enjoyment is the slow sexual rythm produced by a band playing soft latin rumbas and moving to the music in a quite atmosphere with your special someone.  But real movement and enjoyment comes from SWING. And it is what the young enjoy the most. So, I will be placing Links and articles about Swing into this section. So please, if you have any items that are outstaning and you want to contribute towards teaching the young. Send them to me. PLEASE.

LINKS to those Swing Dance Locations that communicate with me the most.
They do their work for the love of dancing.
http://www.sfsds.com,  South Florida Swing Dance Association
They are located in the Broward area with dances held in various locations between
Hallandale and Palm Beach.  A "must" to visit if you visit Florida.
http://www.pensacolaswing.com/  Travis and Meagan Glover and Travis's mother Glenda Glover teach and manage a dance location that's packed with all ages every week. Young and old dancing together. A must to visit when in Florida.

http://odd-socks.org/swing_schedule.htm,  Simon who manages this
 web site puts a lot of effort and time into providing this service.  And
mostly with minimum income or profits.
(Toronto Swing Dance Society) --- ( Dances are held monthly ).
  See their  (Web site)  for full information. ( Lessons Link )
www.fun2dance.info  A husband and wife team dedicated to teaching and holding dances in the Niagara area and Western New York district.
http://www.myspace.com/kwswingdancesociety ( KWSDS ) The Kitchener, Waterloo Swing Dance Society Dance Club. A very active club that holds dances in various locations.
www.queensswingclub.com  An active university group in Kingston, providing lessons and dancing to live bands and DJs.

Click on THESE
Check out Max Pitruzzella and Annie Trudeau:
Check out Toronto's own Dan Amores and Joanna Kassoulides:
Check out Jason Herron and Dominique Blouin doing Balboa:
See Ben Morris and Carla Heiney dance "wicked fast":
Did you know that there is a dedicated Lindy Hop ballroom with classes during the day and dancing every evening til the wee hours. All of the competitions are in a completely separate ballroom, so the music in the lindy hop room goes non-stop. So come and dance til you drop -- you know you wanna. Don't miss this Event!
Frequently Asked Questions:
Can I come to the evening dances only? Yes, the price is $25 from 8pm to 5am, including access to all three ballrooms - one Lindy Hop (til 5am I think), one West Coast Swing (til 5am), and a shorter running one (9pm-1am) Ballroom/Latin on Friday and Salsa on Saturday. (Note, the West Coast ballroom will have some competitions in the early part of the evening.) Or, come an hour early for the before-dance lesson for an additional $10 (i.e., $35 from 7pm to 5am).
If you are interested in some other classes, you can sign up for an individual day or for the whole weekend (but day classes cannot be purchased individually). Competitors must have a whole weekend pass to compete.

At a recent dance at the Hansa House in Brampton , Ontario, Canada, Thc couple in this video demonstrated what many of the young generation are not getting into.
Meet "Mixed Blood"

-Jump Dance
There is q lot of information about this style of dancing on the web. Here are a few links that you may want
to click on see our youth in this activity.

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